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Name Year Title Journal/Event Full PDF
Kunzmann et al. 2018 2018 Pollution of coastal areas of Jakarta Bay: Water quality and biological responses Mar. Res. Indon. 43(1): 36-50 [PDF]
Kunzmann et al. 2020 Deeper, larger, more common: cryptic coral species Podabacia benefits from reef recovery Annual Research & Review in Biology 35(12):41-44 [PDF]
Hoeksema et al. 2021 The reef coral Coscinaraea marshae is not a high-latitude endemic Diversity 13, 681 [PDF]
Kunzmann et al. 2022 Impact of megacities on the pollution of coastal areas – the case example Jakarta Bay In: Jennerjahn T, Rixen T, Irianto HE, Samiaji J (eds) Science for the protection of Indonesian coastal ecosystems (SPICE). Elsevier, Amsterdam, 457 pp [PDF]
Springer et al. 2022 Simulating cyanide fishing: photosynthetic effects of short-term cyanide exposure in three different hermatypic coral species Marine Biology Research 18(7-8):426-434 [PDF]